Art Activity: Plaster

I would like to say that I had a successful time making plaster, but I failed miserably. What it should look like is a fist with the thumb’s down sign. I learned that Art activities would be so much more convenient and helpful to work with a partner. I went to a park where there was sand near my high school area in Cypress. I guess where my plaster sculpture failed was that the hole I had made was too deep.. and as I tried to dig around it, it pretty much just broke down. I waited 30 minutes on a bench for it to dry, but I guess 30 minutes was still to early for the plaster to completely dry up. And during those 30 minutes I pretty much had nothing to do so that felt very boring being alone at the park. Note: (work with a partner). I tried to dig around and take my sculpture out but it start breaking apart on me. I can’t even show the final draft because it just broke.. but I managed to take a picture of how it started collapsing… I would say I completely messed up on my 1st art activity, but there was a lot of lessons that I learned.



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