Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Tiffanie Ta

I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Tiffanie. She is a 3rd year and currently majoring in Health Care Administration. One thing that certifies my friendship with her, is that she loves Japanese food! Tiffanie is from Orange County Huntington Beach and she lived in Garden Grove until about 3 years ago, where she moved to LA. One thing that I found unique about her is that she has been dorming for 3 years… My question of the week was, “What are your hobbies?” Tiffanie likes to try new foods, what is the “hype” is what she said and she likes to go to raves such as EDM. She loves to eat sushi or ramen, again which makes her my friend. I asked Tiffanie why she took Art 110, and she said it was because she heard that the Professor was really fun and the course allowed you to be open minded, to express yourself through art and through writings.


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