Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

I had a fun experience coming up with a way to portray a landscape with a corpse. I tried to think of a creative way to portray myself dead. I added some elements into the photo with some details such as the loose slipper, a chalk drawing of a dead body, yellow number tags, and glasses. The landscape of the photo was to look similar to a crime scene. It was a little difficult to come up with a way to portray myself as dead and to look different than what the other students of the class would portray themselves. I got my inspiration through the TV show “Bones”. I wanted to make myself appear dead in a crime scene. I felt this art project was way better than my week 1 activity, because I was better prepared and I also had a partner, my little sister to help me on this activity. I wanted the viewers to think of what had happened and why there was a corpse lying next to the drawing of another corpse. The purpose I put into this activity was to get the viewers to think, and wonder what this photo or scene means. If I can add something to fix in the future, it would be to add actual yellow tape that says, DO NOT CROSS and have it in a dark setting where there would also be lights. Overall, this art activity was very interesting and I had a great time coming up with a way to portray myself as a corpse and to make the landscape really come out.



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