Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Jorge Hernandez

I got to meet a new classmate and his name is Jorge. He’s also a 2nd year like me and he’s a Biology Major. I cannot do science for my life so, Jorge is really awesome for being a Biology Major. He told me being a Bio Major was pretty hard but he’s in it so deep that he can’t pretty much switch out at this point. Jorge loves to sleep a lot as his hobby. He also likes to play computer games like League of Legends. He’s also attained the rank of Platinum and that is the highest rank you can achieve in League of Legends, so he’s very good at the game. Something I can relate with Jorge is that his favorite food is In N Out, and I love to eat there. He also likes Five Guys which is also very good, but we both agreed that it is a lot more expensive than the other burger joints. Jorge also likes to run a lot for exercise which I think is great. Something I found interesting about him was that he has lived in Long Beach his whole life, and has never moved. He graduated from Lakewood High School. I asked Jorge why he took Art 110 and he took it to fulfill his GE requirement. I found a similarity which Jorge in that we both like the shoes Vans and we also have pet dogs. Jorge has a puppy husky and I have a puppy Chihuahua. It was great to meet a new classmate that liked and owned a dog like me.


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