Wk4 – Art Activity – Art Care Package

This blog post is dedicated to my friend Tiffanie. 🙂


  1.  I can say that sending an art care package is similar to sending a snapchat, in that you are actually “sending” something to one another. And whoever receiving will open up the package or the snapchat.
  2.  Also sending an art care package is different than sending a snapchat because, you can keep an art package with you and actually have it on with you other than snapchat, where it will go away in a couple of seconds unless you decide to screenshot it and keep it in your phone.
  3.  An ephemera is definitely precious because it is something someone has made memories with. I like to keep all sorts of memories on me. It is something I like to look back on and remember what memories that I had even if it was for a short time. If I ever have grand kids, I would show them what made me happy like a movie ticket. I guess they would gain in value maybe, old movie tickets like 40+ years from now. I would show my grandchild what movies I loved to watch “back in the day” and it would create more memories for me to make with my grandchild.
  4. Yes an art care package and art you would typically see at a museum is different. An art care package is something that someone has made that are willing to give to another, and art in a museum would be for the viewers to watch but are not really given to them. It’s a memory you can hold on too, but an art care package is something you can keep and never let go. With art work in a museum, there is only so much a person can remember and just see rather than actually keeping and holding them.
  5. In my opinion, sending an art care package or sending a snapchat, the speed or how slow it takes for someone to receive it doesn’t matter to me. It is the thought that someone actually made to effort to send me a snapchat even if that takes like a couple of seconds, or making time and sending an art package… either or, I would appreciate it regardless of how fast or slow I got it.
  6. An art care package can have a different “love” than sending a Snapchat, in that it takes preparation and some time into making. It is a love that shows what went into making this art care package and this is how I feel towards you.

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