Wk5 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

I had a fun time trying to draw with my eyes closed. It was something I’ve never done before and I wasn’t sure whether the drawing was going as I’ve wanted.I paired up with my little sister, and we tried it out. I wanted to incorporate using a lot of colors to make the drawing really stand out. The end result did stand out, but it also looked very chaotic. It looked like a whirlpool of mixed colors. I used a variety of colors in each drawing. My sister and I would start with one crayon with our eyes closed and draw until we felt like it was time to stop. Overall, it was a fun and creative experience with the art activity. I’ve never done something like automatic drawing so it made my thought bubbles really come out. The end result, was not what I really wanted because it looked very bizarre, but I accepted with what I created. It was also something new to work on an art activity with my little sister. She had a great time, and was laughing a lot, which made her hand keep shaking. I guess that added to the crazy circles we kept drawing.



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