Wk6 – Art Activity – Zines & Flip Books

I enjoyed making the flip books. It was something I used to do when I was a kid and it made me remember how much fun I had making those. I would really just make those with stick figures and I loved to see how they would move as I flip the pages. In this activity, I thought of recreating my tennis year’s in High School. I played all four years in the JV and Varsity level and I wanted to incorporate something that would help me memorize those memories. I started off how I began in starting my freshman year in the tennis team and where my journey took off. I drew in the first few beginning pages of me starting off in JV not really understanding anything but getting the position as JV captain as a freshman. It was really a new surreal experience for me being put in a position to lead a team when I had no experience. I drew in the middle pages of me entering varsity as a sophomore and how I was on bench all the time and just studying the varsity regulars and how I become as good as them on day. My Junior year was me actually getting a spot on the team but then losing it again because my mind was not really in the right place at the time. And then towards the last pages I talked about my rise to varsity captain and how I achieved that status of leading the team and really feeling my responsibility for the team. I had really a throwback memory of making the flip book and it was great to see as I was drawing inside the pages I was also able to relive my High School memories when I was a tennis athlete. img_0262


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