Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Jonah Coloma

Artist: Jonah Coloma

Exhibition: Xenophobia

Media: reductive monotype

Gallery: CSULB School of Art


Jonah is currently a 3rd year in CSULB and he is an undergrad with his BA in Studio Art. He still has a few semesters left before graduating and he started art because it’s what he has been doing since he was young.

Format Analysis

Jonah’s art was very dark and it was actually pretty scary to look at. I haven’t seen art that looked very mysterious and with a dark image.I sort of got lost inside the art staring at it. Jonah seemed to use the form of fear into his art to capture the attention of his audience.

Content Analysis

Jonah got his inspiration from xenophobia. This is what he used in his art. It was very dark and he meant to bring the message of the fear of the unknown. It is scary to not know anything, and he really brought that message in his art. He wanted to show that not knowing anything can be very scary to be really fearful of the unknown. He also brought his art with xenophobia as a political term meaning scared of foreigners. People are scared of each other because they are different and that applies to foreigners. Some people are scared of how different foreigners can be and that creates a fear of the unknown because these people do not know and understand there foreigners.

Synthesis/My experience

I was intrigued staring at such dark art work. It was another new experience for me to check out. It was something I had not seen before and xenophobia really did make me wonder to be scared of the unknown. It really is scary not knowing anything and the artwork also helped me understand that. Jonah incorporated dark shadows and a view of the unknown and that made me able to view the painting with a different mentality. IMG_0266




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