Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Derek Chow

I was able to meet a new friend and his name is Derek. I found a lot of similarities that we have together. He is actually one of the first classmates I did not feel any awkwardness in between when we first met. We clicked pretty well together actually. Something Derek and I are similar in is that we like to turn up, go out and drink basically have a good time. Derek is actually from LA and he commutes all the way to Long Beach just for school. He told me sometimes the drive is about a hour long… I gave him a lot of credit for being able to do that. Derek is a science major and he loves basketball. I also happen to like basketball but I forgot to ask him what NBA Team he likes. He spends most of his time studying which I respect because he also makes some to go out and have fun in his breaks. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is steak. He is more of a night time person because he’s usually always tired in the morning. I feel I am both a night time and a day time person, but I usually have my fun at night. Derek actually works at an arcade which I thought was pretty cool. He told me it’s pretty chill and easy just making money. Another similarity we have is that we both don’t like taking pictures but we like to give or take pictures. As you can see we didn’t want to take a basic selfie, or we were actually uncomfortable too so we asked a classmate to take a bro picture of us.


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