Wk8 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

I enjoyed making art with my hands and fingers. It was very nostalgic because the finger painting activity reminded me how much I loved art when I was little. I always appreciated art growing up and it was something I had forgotten once I had entered Jr. High. The finger painting was something I had loved to do and I decided to recreate a painting I had done when I was a little boy. I decided to cover my hands in paint and the experience was funny. These days I hate having my hands dirty, but having my hand covered in paint got me feeling nostalgia when I was little. I used my fingers for each different color to make the rainbow. I felt like a kid again so I had some fun recreating what I would do when I saw paint and decided to use my hands to create art. I appreciated this activity a lot more than the other activities because I was able to discover how I was when I was a younger kid making all sorts of art.

(My dog was fascinated with what I was making but he eventually got tired)


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