Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Joseph Mcentee

I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph. What I found interesting about him was that he is Black/Filipino/Mexican. I actually found out that he and I have some similarities. We are both into Film and Joseph actually plans on making a YouTube channel with vlogging. Joseph is also a business management major and he likes to make videos as a hobby. In his free time he likes to go to the gym, and he made a gym commitment to get the summer body this year. He really likes cars and he currently drives a MAZDA 3. He plans on saving money to buy a better car. Joseph has actually moved a lot especially during his High School. I found out that he went to Edison High School which was near my school district. He spent half his High School years there, and he moved back to the Bay where he was originally from  to attend his old private school. He graduated there and decided to go to Long Beach. Joseph now commutes from his house in LB which he shares with his girlfriend and another couple. Another thing that caught my attention about him was that has been dating his girlfriend for 5 years since High School so they are very committed. I actually have barely seen high school relationships work carrying on into college so I give Joseph a lot of respect. Joseph is a very cool guy and I had a great conversation with him.


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