Wk9 – Art Activity – Graffiti Writing

Graffiti writing was a very fun activity for me to do. I enjoyed it a lot. I always used to stare at graffiti writing, passing by inside the car when my Dad drove around and I wondered if I ever got to spray paint or make some graffiti. Graffiti is very artful to me and actually when I went to Hawaii for summer after my high school graduation, I was impressed at what I saw. The colors and the words all came together and it was ART. This was the first time I actually went to go by spray paint and I was so surprised. I went into Joann’s art store and I actually got asked to check for ID to buy the spray paint. I was caught off guard it was pretty funny. For the Graffiti Writing activity I wanted to try a different idea of making my name. I happen really like the colors black and white and I thought of a way to spray paint my name with the specified colors. I made it as a yin and yang symbol and I had my name printed on top of it. It was really fun to spray paint and let the art unfold. It had a lot to do with the creative mind but I felt that spray painting lets the art almost do the work for you. It creates art and I enjoyed it a lot. This art activity is something I would do in the future and now I enjoy graffiti writing even more now.



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