Wk10 – Art Activity – Architecture: The Wedge

I added the design to take off the wall that separated the famous wedge of CSULB. I realized that most of the students walk through the wedge than around. What set me off was besides the students walking through the edge, there was a huge wall that actually sets the wedge that makes it harder for students to walk through. The wall was supposed to be where I drew the two walls on the picture facing closest and there is a big gap. In my design, the absence of the wall sets off a more larger gap for students to walk through and it takes off the unnecessary wall. It makes it more spacious and more convenient for the students. I tried to make it at realistic as possible so that this can actually happen in the future. The wedge is too narrow for students to walk across and with taking down the wall that makes the wedge, it allows for students to have an easier walk through campus. A year from now, the wedge will be no more and students will now have easier access to walk through the campus. It will just as if there was never a wall and students will be able to not worry about a wedge to walk through on the campus.

FullSizeRender (2)


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