Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Zavion Brown

I got to meet a new classmate and his name is Zavion. He’s also a 2nd year like myself. Zavion’s from Riverside and he takes most of his classes online. I wanted to say that his fashion sense is on point. He also happens to be a dancer so I guess that kind of explains how is fashion looks good. He’s been dancing since he was a little kid and he likes free style and house dancing. I thought Zavion being into dancing was really cool. He likes to listen to Hip Pop and R & B. He likes Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, and Rihanna for example. Zavion’s also been dancing professionally for about a year. So that explains what level he is at to be dancing at the professional level. Zavion might go into child development and maybe be a teacher later. He is an undeclared major currently. Overall I thought Zavion was really cool to talk to and we talked about music and our college lives. He is someone I would definitely like to have more conversations with.

(Tiffanie also decided to squeeze into our photo :p)



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