Wk12 – Art Activity – Ethnography

The experience was fairly easy for me because I just fell asleep right away. I thought the experience was similar to what would have happened if my house got a black out. I happened to be very tired and I planned it so I could just fall asleep as I started the experiment. I noticed I usually do the same when my house gets a black out or I usually go outside where there is electricity. I actually slept very well without the need to look at my phone or worry about electricity going on in my room. Living without electricity is definitely more organic because you are able to live without worries of the media and what is going on in the social media world. It is a life without a lot of worries and I feel that’s what makes it so organic. However living without electricity, especially in today’s world can be very boring. The world revolves around having electricity today, and it will be very hard to live without in today’s society. I believe people have survived without constant stimulation of electricity because that’s how people came to be in the first place. Electricity was created through the use of the human mind and people can do whatever they want to do. So I believe constant stimulation is something a person can control. My ideal level of life activity and connectivity is being with family always and being able to see my friends. It is my constant motion in life I guess, and without it I would really be nothing. I really treasure having my family with me and also having my friends by my side. They are what I would call my reason for life. My constant stimulation.



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