Wk14 – Art Activity – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

I really this art activity. Sketching in the Japanese Garden was very peaceful for me in a way and it was also my first time I ever been to the Japanese Garden. I just sat down and started drawing whatever came to my mind. The Japanese Garden was really beautiful. I was unknown to the fact that CSULB had such an amazing garden. I tried to absorb into my surroundings and really enjoy the nature. It was really quiet and I could hear the water. I was actually feeling pretty stressed at the time, so this was a good way to get my mind relaxed. I started sketching on my hand and that went fairly well. I just put out my left hand and started drawing. For the sketch I drew of the house, I spent a good amount of time on that. I tried to add details, but it was also hard to not erase any mistakes that I made. It made me wonder that’s why it was a sketch. I drew a small version of the pond and I added water ripples to make it look like water as well as plants sitting on top of the pond. Sketching these drawings were so nostalgic for me. I grew up drawing as a little kid and it was a way for me to just picture myself in that drawing and I had drawn so many drawings. The Japanese Garden was a way for me to get myself out of my mind and just appreciate nature. This was probably my favorite art activity.


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