Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – Donovan Lee

I had the pleasure of meeting a new classmate and his name is Donovan. He is a first year and he’s from Huntington Beach. He graduated from Westminster High School and that is a school I played against a good amount during my High School years in tennis. Donovan is into cars and also photography. He commutes from school and he is an Econ Major. He likes to hangout with friends and go shopping. I found that he has a weird sense of humor. I also realized that he is a bit clumsy, not to be rude in anyway. While I was interviewing him, I saw that he was wearing two different white shoes which was pretty hilarious to me. He loves to eat Raising Canes and goes on a weekly basis. I really like to eat there too so that’s something similar I found with him. He also loves eating Thai food as just as me. I realized that Donovan was pretty interesting to talk to and we got along pretty well.

(We decided to all take a photo together because my friend Tiffanie and I got interviewed by them)


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