Wk15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking applied to Life

  1. I can see myself being a film director in the future. It is my dream actually and I am currently a film major. My first step is already done by being in the process of obtaining a film degree in college. My 2nd step is to buy a film camera which I have been saving up for this summer. I plan to film whatever I can and just see everything through the eyes of the lens. I think it would be very amazing to film just whatever I can. My 3rd step is to be noticed for my work and get an internship by my 3rd year of college. My 4th step would be networking and obtaining connections I need to get in the film industry. I know it would be a slow task or maybe even a fast task but that would be my goal after I obtain my degree in CSULB. My 5th step would be to be involved in the Film industry and learn everything I can to be a Film director.
  2. I actually have not thought about something I would do outside of Film. I just thought of bringing up tennis because it was what I was so involved in High School and it was my passion. I can first try to see what I would do with tennis and look for career aspirations involved in tennis. I love to watch tennis professional’s so a career in that aspect would be nice. I can either be a tournament director, or do some kind of work that can make me closer to the tennis professionals like a journalist for example. Tennis is what I think I would do if I could not pursue a career in Film.
  3. Something I can do which being financially secure got me with a lot of ideas. I can’t forget my passion for Film and I would love to make a Hollywood Film. I would do any genre, maybe except for love but I would do a kick ass job at making a big movie. I’ve always wanted to make a movie and gain recognition from it. My role model is Christopher Nolan and he has made some very big movies in the past. My favorite movie is The Dark Knight which he directed. Another thing I would do is to make  Playboy Mansion. I don’t why but I thought it would be very entertaining just to make a Mansion filled with beautiful women. No one can judge me on it so why not?

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