Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Yesenia Rios

I had the pleasure of meeting Yesenia. She is a 2nd year and her major is Child Development. Yesenia took art because she heard it was fun and she needed to fulfill her art GE requirement. Yesenia loves soccer and her favorite team is Barcelona. A common thing I found with Yesenia is that we both like Messi who is the star of Barcelona. Yesenia commutes from school and she was originally from Mexico but she came to California when she was just a year old. Yesenia has worked with kids after school when she was in High School and that is why she grew to like helping out young children. I really like Yesenia’s name because it is pretty unique. I have actually not heard of her name before. Overall we got to talk about soccer and I met a new classmate which was pretty nice.


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